Publishing Data Descriptions

First-time publishing of metadata and/or datasets is performed in three steps.

Step 1: Master-User and Organisation Registration

In order to register for the first time a master-user is needed. The master-user will have the authorisation to coordinate and organise the datasets and authorise additional users of the organisation. After the user-registration the related organisation has to be added.

Step 2: Verification by the admin of mobilitydata.gv.at

This organisation will be verified and released by the admin of mobitydata.gv.at. Only after that, data descriptions and datasets can be entered.

Step 3: Publication of a dataset

Fill in the form “create a metadata set”. This will produce an entry to the Mobilitydata.gv.at platform, which will be published for the maximum time of one year.


Detailed information about functions and processes can be found in the Manual.


Administration of a Company

The master-user has to check if the information about the company or organisation and its users is correct. Via the datacentre any number of employees can be invited to be users. These users have the right to publish datasets as well.

Administration of Sub-User

Within the organisation editing page the master-user could add some coworkers as sub-user. They also could describe and manage their datasets in the name of the organisation.

Anual review of datasets

Data descriptions, datasets as well as online links are out-of-date very quickly. Because the mobilitydata.gv.at platform aims to provide and present current data, there is a maximum time of one year the descriptions and links will be published. After that, the user can confirm that the data and information are still up-to-date or update them with a simple klick.