Requirements for listing

Requirements for dataset listing

Presenting datasets on is possible for public as well as for private organisations respectively companies. The datasets have to meet the requirements regarding data categories and data formats set by the delegated acts. They have to match at least one of these categories.

To be listed, the description of the data also has to be in accordance with the delegated acts.

•    The data correspond to the data categories laid down in the delegated acts A,B,C and E
•    The data formats have to fulfill DATEX II, NeTex or SIRI format requirements
•    The company or organisation has to be a legal entity
•    The company or organisation has to be authorised to publish data
•    The company or orgnaisation has to be registered on the platform

Benefits for Dataproviders

To present information on available and existing data at has many advantages for the registered companies and organisations:

•    Visiability at national and international level
•    A public description of the use conditions
•    Possibility to make your datasets available
•    Getting clarifications of most important question, without extra effort
•    Creating added value

Data, which is listed and described on, offers people searching for data a simple and quick access to the most important information on the existing datasets. This can prevent many time-consuming user requests.