The National Access Point Austria is closely cooperating with various stakeholder at the national, local and European Level.
During the preparation of the „Coordinated Metadata Catalogue“- a close cooperation between the „National Data Warehouse for Traffic information“ of the Netherlands and the „Mobilitäts Daten Marktplatz“ of Germany could be established.

Since also the EC is strongly supporting the idea and elaboration of a common data catalogue, there are no more obstacles on the way towards cross-border cooperation among all National Access Points in the EU.
There is a huge data community in Austria. They support the idea of creating added value by using existing data. The question of data accessibility is arranged plays an important role in reaching this goal. Together with other data portals, and are two key actors within the data community in Austria. is equipped with an automatic data interface enabling direct publishing of datasets on these portals. This requires the approval of the publisher and the fulfillment of the conditions of use set out by the respective data portals.
Within the framework of the Cooperation of the platform cooperates with the „European Data Portal“. Data transfer is covered under the same provisions as apply nationally. The delegated regulation E – Provision of information services for safe and secure parking places for trucks and commercial vehicles includes a list of all data, that will occur on the „European Access Point for Truck Parking Data“. The transmitted data is presented via "TENtec Interactive Map Viewer" and visible to global audience.